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About Clark Lake Homes

Read About the History of Our Care Center

Clark Lake Homes was founded in 1993. Since that time, we have provided residential services for people with a variety of disabilities. Currently, we have several residential sites located in the Brainerd Lakes Area. We started independent living services in 1995 to provide community services for persons living on their own or at their family home in the Brainerd area. 

Clark Lake Homes has been supportive in sponsoring weekly community activities in the Brainerd Lakes Area. We also provide opportunities for affordable group travel outside the Brainerd Area several times a year. 

The professional team at Clark Lake Homes can provide individualized support and care to the clients with special needs.

Our services include: 
  • Daily living - teaching household maintenance skills
  • Cooking - assisting with grocery shopping, menu planning, and meal preparation skills
  • Accessing the community - informing clients of the Brainerd Lakes area resources, how to access public transportation, and planning for community activities. 
  • Money - teaching how to develop a budget and maintain banking accounts.
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Our Mission Statement and Philosophy

Mission Statement: To provide high quality residential and community support to the individuals we serve and their families. 

Philosophy: We wish to enhance and develop each person’s unique abilities. We strive to create person centered opportunities for success. We're committed to create and develop a unique and enjoyable community experience for the individuals we serve. 

Clark Lake Homes serves to help your loved one achieve his or her highest potential in self-sufficiency and independence. We consider the individual needs of each of our clients and assign them the most suitable support staff. We also help coordinate and schedule community appointments and activities. Our community support staff is updated with current information and in-service training to ensure they're competent and efficient. We also collaborate with the clients' legal representatives and parents to ensure open lines of communication are maintained. Our team desires to be a partner in developing functional working relationships with the individuals we serve and their families.
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